What is Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle (QRFV)?|| Features

Tata is not only making India proud by producing safe vehicles (such as the Tata Safari, Nexon and Tiago)etc, but they are also making India proud and protected by producing defence combat vehicles such as the QRFV (Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle). The company recently shared a video on social media of a fleet of QRFVs moving through mountain terrain, while the exact number of defence units has not been revealed for security reasons.

According to TATA, the advanced vehicle will improve the Indian Army’s operational capabilities in future conflicts and war-like situations. As the inclusion of the Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle strengthened the Indian Army’s defence forces, it also demonstrated that several initiatives undertaken by the Government of India for the development and manufacture of defence equipment in the country are on the right track.

What is Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle (QRFV)?

The Tata QRFV is a mine-resistant armoured personnel carrier that comes in a 4×4 configuration. The vehicle is designed to be a mine-resistant transport vehicle. It is used as a special response vehicle by law enforcement forces to combat insurgency. Tata Advanced Systems claims that this vehicle can also be used as an escort protection vehicle. These vehicles are said to be in use by various peacekeeping missions around the world, as well as by Indian security forces throughout the country.

QFRV’s Major Capabilities

According to the manufacturer, this vehicle has Stanag level 4 blast protection, which protects against explosives weighing 14 kg and 21 kg. The vehicle can transport a total of 14 crew members, including the driver. The vehicle has a payload capacity of up to two tonnes. It has a peak power output of 240 hp. The run-flat inserted tyres provide all-terrain mobility. Other features include ten firing ports and a roof-mounted 360-degree rotating turret.

What is Quick Reaction Force?

In military science, a Quick Reaction Force is an armed military unit capable of rapidly responding to developing situations, typically to assist allied units in need of such assistance.

However, based on the unit’s standard operating procedures, the military unit must be equipped to respond to any type of emergency within ten minutes or less. Army Cavalry Units are frequently positioned as rapid response forces with the primary mission of security and reconnaissance. In the military’s combat arms, they are typically platoon-sized.



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