Kia EV6 First Ownership review in Hindi | India’s rarest Electric car

The Kia EV6 is a battery-electric compact crossover SUV that was launched in India via the CBU route, making it an expensive electric car in India. However, speaking with the owner, he revealed that he is completely satisfied with the EV and that its performance, practicality, and design justify its high price. So here is the Kia EV6 owner’s exclusive ownership review in Hindi.

Why a “Kia” for such a high price?

Kia EV6 Price in India | Kia EV6 Range

Kia ev6 prices in India start at Rs. 60 lakhs for the RWD variant and Rs. 65 lakhs for the AWD variant, and the version shown in the review is the AWD variant, which cost the owner nearly Rs 74 lakh on the road ( without subsidy ). This is significantly more expensive than the other Kia vehicles we’ve seen in India.

When asked why he chose a Kia over other brands such as BMW and Mercedes, the owner stated that he wanted an EV only and was also considering the BMW i4 electric sedan, which is slightly more expensive than the EV6, but the availability of AWD drivetrain encourages the owner to go for the EV6.

Why is the Kia EV6 so expensive in India?

The Reasons are as follows :

  • There’s no denying that the EV6 is stunning. The coupe’ SUV design works extremely well in terms of both appearance and functionality. When viewed from the back, the EV6 resembles the Jaguar i-Pace and Aston Martin DBX.
  • The large battery pack is the next reason why the EV6 is so expensive around the world. The Kia EV6 has a 77.4kWh battery with a range of 528 kilometres. In practice, the EV6 will easily deliver around 470 km of range with reasonable driving. This is more than enough for those who suffer from range anxiety!

Kia EV6 review

  • The high-performance dual motors are the primary reason why the EV6 AWD version is so expensive. The Kia EV6 comes in two configurations: RWD and AWD. Not to mention the excellent handling that an RWD provides! The RWD model has 225 horsepower and 350 Newton-meters of torque, while the AWD model has 321 horsepower and 605 Newton meters of torque. The torque of 605 Nm is insane. Because the latter is more powerful, it has a shorter range of 425 kilometres.
  • Hyundai and Kia vehicles always outperform other manufacturers in terms of features. The Kia EV6 also gets a slew of ADAS features to make driving easier. Auto-braking and adaptive cruise can also be very useful features in traffic if used correctly. Aside from that, the Kia ev6 has 8 airbags for safety and received a 5-star safety rating in the EURO NCAP crash test.
  • With a claimed WLTP range of 528 km, the EV6 can accept up to 350kW of DC fast charging, allowing the battery to charge from 10 to 80 per cent in just 18 minutes.
  • Custom duty is now the most important reason for its high price in India. The import duty on a CBU unit ranges between 60 and 125%, depending on the vehicle type, powertrain, and size.

Kia EV6 Price in India  Kia EV6 Range

Kia EV6 Price in India

Kia ev6 starts at Rs 59.95 lakh for the RWD variant and goes up to Rs 64.95 lakh for the AWD variant (ex-showroom, India).

Kia EV6 Range

On the WLTP cycle, the claimed maximum range is 528km. In terms of charging, the EV6 can accept a very fast 350kW DC charge, which will take the battery from 10 to 80 per cent in just 18 minutes, while a 50kW fast charger will take 73 minutes. The Kia EV6 comes standard with a 22kW wall box charger for home charging, though charging times have not been released.



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