Ather 450X- Most Fun to Ride Electric Scooter

About 450X

Ather 450X is an electric scooter available at a starting price of Rs. 1,40,215 in India. It is available in 2 variants and 3 colours with top variant price starting from Rs. 1,59,226. Ather 450X generates 3300 W power from its motor. With both front and rear disc brakes, Ather 450X comes up with a combined braking system of both wheels.
The Ather 450X is a smart scooter, so it comes with a slew of features, from LED lights all
around to connectivity and intelligent features like in-built Google Maps navigation and digital document storage. All of these features are accessible via the 7-inch colour touchscreen, which has been upgraded with a 1.3 GHz Snapdragon processor and is based on the Android Open Source operating system. Ather’s most recent updates include Bluetooth-based music and call controls. Furthermore, the 450X includes integrated 4G LTE SIM connectivity.

Ather 450X- My Riding Impressions

I got this scooter from Ather for a couple of days and my first impression is that it’s a pocket rocket. This scooter comes with four riding modes: Eco, Ride, Sports, and Warp, along with a Park Assist, (Reverse Mode). When it comes to the Eco mode, it is the most efficient mode of this scooter, and it has a range of about 85 kilometres.
Talking about speed, you can easily achieve 40-45 km of speed, whether riding alone or with a pillion, and with the Ride mode, you can achieve a speed of 60-65 km, and this electric machine acts like a normal scooter. Moving on to the Sports mode, this mode can help you achieve a good amount of speed, providing you with a quick response. The final mode is the warp mode, which is the most powerful and highlighted mode of this scooter.

The Warp mode gives you the impression that you are riding the fastest two-wheeler among the other two-wheelers on the road. It is so fast that when you open the full throttle, the scooter provides you with insane torque from zero rpm, and it is so fast that the scooter pushes you back as if you were riding a big displacement motorcycle. Even you can make a 150cc bike lose. Moving on to the scooter’s stability, it’s seriously very stable; even when I was riding it at 90 km/h, I didn’t feel like I was losing control. The front suspension is stiffer, while the rear suspension is softer, making the pillion feel comfortable.

If you are concerned about the braking capabilities of this scooter, I can assure you that it has one of the best brakes, I have ever seened in a two-wheeler, It comes with a regenerative braking hardware system, with discs in both the front and rear. The braking callipers offered on this scooter are from Bybre, so there are no concerns about braking; it is extremely responsive.

Talking about the scooter’s Gradeablity, the company claims that the scooter has a gradeability of 20 degrees, but we tested it more than that, and the results were seriously amazing.

In terms of functionality, the boot of this scooter is deep enough to accommodate a full-face helmet. You also get a boot light, which comes in handy at night. Overall, it’s a good scooter in terms of functionality, speed, braking, and so on.

However, no vehicle is perfect, and there are some drawbacks, such as the scooter’s range, which is approximately 80-85 kilometres and should be increased without a doubt. Another drawback is the charging time, which requires some attention and should be reduced, and the last one is its dashboard hanging problem, which I also faced for a couple of minutes. That’s all I can make you feel about every aspect of this scooter.

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