What’ new in PURE EV ETrance Neo

PURE EV ETRANCE NEO is an electric scooter available at a starting price of Rs. 78,922 in India. It is available in only 1 variant and 6 colours. It comes with a front disc and rear drum brakes and comes up with an electronically assisted braking system.

The ETRANCE NEO is Pure EV’s most powerful electric scooter. With a claimed range of around 120kms, this e-scooter is being positioned as an urban scooter that won’t be a part of scooters with range anxiety issues.

The ETRANCE NEO gets a 2.5kWH lithium battery and a BLDC motor that helps power this e-scooter. The battery is portable which means the rider can remove it and take it home to charge it. The company claims a top speed of 60kmph and has a 150kg load-bearing capacity. In terms of features, this e-scooter gets a decent list. It gets a four-inch LCD display, regenerative braking, LED headlight, and anti-theft smart lock.

Pure Ev Etrance Neo


• Seat
• Grab Rail
• Key Lock Set
• Instrument Cluster
• Front Shock Absorbers
• Rear Shock Absorbers
• Rear View Mirrors
• Swing Arm Covers
• Detachable Lady Footrest
• Slanted Battery Provision


1. Seat

Pure Ev Etrance Neo

• Increased seat length by 140 mm for better ride comfort, making the seat more spacious.
• Increased width by 10mm for better thigh support, Rider and pillion rider will have more grip and comfort while riding the vehicle.

2. Grab Rail

Etrance Neo

• Grab rail revised for pillion rider’s better back support and easy handle grab.
• Overall aesthetics are better because of the combined seat and grab rail revision.

3. Key Lock-Set

Pure Ev Etrance Neo

• Lockset – New appealing design with better build quality.
• Keys – More secure keys with upgraded build material.
• Number of Keys – Now with 4 keys.

4. Instrument Cluster

 Etrance Neo

• New ergonomic design and brighter display.
• Better visibility even on sunny days.
• All the information at first glance.
• Better and quicker riding mode information.
• Upgraded battery level indication.

5. Upgraded Front-Shock AbsorbersPure Ev Etrance Neo

• Better protection against water and dust.
• Enhanced life.

6. Upgraded Rear-Shock Absorbers

Pure Ev Etrance Neo

• Upgraded Shock absorbers with better stiffness and
damping for an upgraded model.
• Better vehicle control with improved riding comfort.

7. Rear View Mirrors

Pure Ev Etrance Neo

• Stronger build quality.
• Better rear view while riding.
• Better aesthetics look.

8. Swing Arm Covers


• Upgraded design of swing arm covers, more appealing from the side.
• Better protection for cables & drum brakes.

9. Detachable lady footrest

Pure Ev Etrance Neo

• Clearance between lady footrest & doom assembly (A) is increased.
• Upgraded location/position (moved towards the rear side) for better comfort for the pillion rider.
• Elimination of the interference with plastic parts.
• Easily replaceable.
• Better weight carrying capacity.

10. Slanted Battery Provision

Pure Ev Etrance Neo

• More boot (luggage) space
• Center of Mass of the vehicle shifted to the Lower and forward side
• Provides better handling and control
• Better ride quality
• Provides stability against the strong wind

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