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Mahindra Bolero NEO N10 Optional variant review

 While the Mahindra Bolero Neo has essentially replaced the Mahindra TUV300, it is based on the same third-generation chassis used by the Mahindra Scorpio and the Mahindra Thar.

Offered in Four variants – N4, N8, and N10, and N10(O) variants, Mahindra Bolero NEO is powered by a 1.5-litre mhawk100 diesel engine that produces 100bhp of maximum power and 260Nm of peak torque. The engine is paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox that directs power to the rear wheels.

What also makes the Neo feels like an Authentic Sub 4 metre SUV is the mechanical locking differential (MLD). If the MLD detects a wheel speed difference of 100 RPM or greater, Automatic locking takes place within a fraction of a second, providing the driver with increased safety and confidence when travelling on wet or icy roads, gravel, mud, and dirt. It locks that wheel while transferring power to the one with more traction thereby enhancing the Neo’s overall road traction. While driving Bolero NEO on gravel, mud we experienced the MLD’s metallic clanging sound as it locks the wheel.

Driving Experience

Mahindra bolero NEO pros and cons

The Bolero NEO along with a powerful Mhawk 100 diesel engine also gets a VGT turbocharger which increases boost pressure at low speeds, reduces response times, increases available torque thereby reducing the Turbo-lag. However, the engine is 3 cylinder unit that’s why don’t expect a high refinement from Bolero NEO. The engine is noisy and slightly vibrating in nature. The Suspension is very soft and will give you a cushioning ride while off-roading which you will love.

Mahindra bolero NEO N10 optional

The Steering is on the heavier side when the car is at low speed. It’s like we are doing a workout while steering the car. As soon as you enter the highway or open roads you will love the performance of the Mhawk 100 diesel engine. The engine is very punchy and despite being a heavy SUV, Bolero NEO’s performance is mind-blowing especially since the mid-range is quite strong. At high speed turns you will experience some amount of body roll thanks to its high center of gravity.

Pros and cons of Mahindra Bolero NEO


  • Bolero NEO is at a price comparable to FWD Crossover based SUVs.
  • Bolero NEO is built on tough ladder-on-frame construction toughened frame structure which means it can eat up terrain, bumpy roads easily as compared to other monocoque cars in the price range.
  • Highly Spacious and Practical Cabin
  • You get a 7 seater RWD SUV at the price comparable to FWD 5 Seater SUVs.
  • Tall seating, comfy front seats with armrests, excellent visibility & good presence make city driving easier
  • The mechanical locking differential is a treat for offroad lovers
  • The Powerful Mhawk 100 diesel engine offers a punchy performance on the highway


  • Neither automatic transmission nor petrol version is available in Bolero NEO
  • The diesel engine of Bolero NEO is powerful but not refined. Thanks to the 3 Cylinder unit.
  • Boxy Design, High Centre of Gravity induces body roll.
  • Few Important features are not available even in the top trim level ie. Reverse camera,Automatic Climate control,Android Auto / Apple CarPlay, rear a/c vents etc.
  • Vibrating gear lever when we turned the engine off/on ( mentioned in the review video )

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