Lexus ES 300h:The Underrated Luxury Sedan with Great Fuel Efficiency

I recently had the opportunity to drive the Lexus ES 300h for a few days, and I must say that it is a truly underrated sedan in its class. The ES 300h stands out from the crowd, from its killer looks to its unique design, and is sure to catch the eye of anyone on the road.

The ES 300h is powered by a petrol-hybrid powertrain that combines a 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine with a 16kWh battery pack to produce a combined output of 218bhp, 221Nm of torque. It begins in full-electric mode, providing a smooth, silent ride at city speeds.

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The transition from electric to petrol in the Lexus 300h is impressively seamless, thanks to its e-CVT transmission that delivers smooth performance. However, there is a slight rubber band effect that is noticeable while driving. While the paddle shifters function well, they do not provide an engaging or entertaining driving experience.

The Lexus ES300h offers three distinct driving modes – Normal, Sport, and Eco – catering to different driving needs and preferences. While the vehicle is well-known for its impressive fuel economy, it also delivers a smooth and comfortable ride across all modes. During my personal experience with the car, I was able to achieve an outstanding fuel economy of 21 kmpl in Eco mode while driving through city traffic, highlighting the vehicle’s efficient and eco-friendly features.

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The Lexus ES 300h’s suspension and overall rear comfort provide a quiet, relaxed, and comfortable driving experience. The rear seat space is surprisingly large, and the insulation adds to the sense of luxury. Furthermore, the ES 300h’s rear comfort outperforms that of some of its German competitors, which is a significant compliment for the vehicle.

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The rear armrest is a notable feature that adds to the sense of luxury by providing controls for the rear passengers, making them feel like bosses. Furthermore, the car features 17 Mark Levinson speakers, which create a home theatre-like experience that adds to the overall sense of comfort and luxury.

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The Lexus ES 300h may not enjoy the same brand recognition as its German rivals, and its service network may be limited in some areas. However, it is still a luxury sedan that is worth considering. The petrol-hybrid powertrain is a standout feature, offering great fuel economy and smooth performance. In addition, the ES 300h boasts distinctive and stylish looks, supreme levels of comfort, and a hushed and relaxed driving experience. Overall, those who are willing to look beyond the German marques will find the ES 300h to be a luxurious and practical choice.

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